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10 Best Places To Visit in Thailand

Unveil Thailand's magic by exploring 10 must-visit gems, from bustling Bangkok to ancient Ayutthaya. Dive deep into markets, majestic temples & turquoise waters.

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A temple in Thailand.

Thailand, the Land of Smiles, beckons travelers with its vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and warm hospitality. From bustling Bangkok's neon lights to the pristine beaches of Phuket and the serene temples of Chiang Mai, Thailand offers a kaleidoscope of experiences for every type of traveler.

Planning your Thai adventure can be daunting with many incredible options, but Journey Fiesta is here to guide you. Whether you crave exhilarating adventures, cultural immersion, or simply serene escape, our curated list of 10 unforgettable places will make your Thai journey a dream come true.

How to Reach Thailand

A women looking at flight on an airport.

Major airlines frequently connect most Indian cities with Bangkok, Phuket, and increasingly Chiang Mai with roundtrip flights averaging 15,000-25,000 INR. One-stop options via Singapore or Kuala Lumpur also operate affordably. Alternatively, overland routes from Eastern India enter Thailand by bus.

Once arriving, overnight trains and buses further connect to destinations across the country very conveniently and inexpensively. Domestic flights also shuttle between hotspots for under 3,000 INR typically.

Best Places To Visit In Thailand


A temple in Thailand.

As Thailand's bustling capital, Bangkok bombards the senses from votive-filled temples to chaotic Chinatown street markets. When overstimulated, escape to Lumphini Park or unwind with a riverside cocktail watching longtail boats cruise past on the Chao Phraya River.

Things to Do: Visit Chatuchak Weekend Market, take a Chao Phraya River cruise, enjoy delicious street food, and experience the nightlife.


A city named pattaya.

Located less than two hours from Bangkok, this former sleepy fishing village morphed into a major resort town famed for its vibrant nightlife and five-kilometer Beach Road lined with hotels, malls, and attractions. But watersports, sanctuaries, and cultural sights also satisfy beyond the party scene.

Things to Do: Visit Coral Island, explore Ripley's Believe It or Not!, and attend a cabaret show.


A few boats on an island.

Krabi dazzles adventurers and beach bums alike with over 150 islands anchored in the Andaman Sea offering every activity imaginable - rock climbing sheer limestone cliffs, kayaking into sea caves, or sailing into deserted coves and tropically-fringed bays perfect for snorkeling among rainbow coral reefs.

Things to Do: Visit Phang Nga Bay, go island hopping, enjoy rock climbing and snorkeling, and explore the Ao Nang nightlife.

Best Hotels: Rayavadee Resort, The Bhu Ngao Resort


An island in Thailand.

As Thailand's largest island, Phuket dazzles with options from secluded luxury villas overlooking the rugged coastline to vibrant Patong Beach throbbing with entertainment into the night. Take time away to sea canoe among the strange mushroom karsts or wander the grounds of ornate Chinese temples.

Things to Do: Visit the Big Buddha, go diving in the Similan Islands, enjoy water sports, and experience Phuket's vibrant nightlife.

Koh Samui

A place with mountain and beach in Thailand.

Far more relaxed than party-hard Phuket, Koh Samui focuses on rejuvenation over adventure amid yoga retreats, appealing beaches, and 40-foot golden Big Buddha watching beneficently from the small island's northern shores.

Things to Do: Visit Angthong Marine National Park, hike in the jungle, enjoy yoga and meditation retreats, and discover the island's delicious seafood.

Best Hotels: Satori Resort, The Tongsai Bay, Sea Sun Sand Resort

Phi Phi Island

An island within a sea.

Though only 13 square miles in size, beloved Phi Phi Island sets the gold standard for tropical bucket list dreams with turquoise waters, bleach-blonde beaches, and limestone rock formations soaring into bright blue skies that practically demand you slow life's pace.

Things to Do: Go diving in Hin Muang and Shark Point, take a boat tour around the island, enjoy cliff jumping, and relax on the stunning beaches.

Best Hotels: Phi Phi Island Village Resort, Phi Phi Maya Beach Resort , Phi Phi Fah Talay Resort

Chiang Mai

A place in Thailand

Far more relaxed and community-oriented feeling than Bangkok, northern Thailand's Chiang Mai wins visitors over with ancient temple complexes, cooking classes in quaint districts like Nimmanhemmin, and ethical Elephant Sanctuaries educating about conservation where visitors feed, walk, and bathe these gentle giants rescued from trekking companies.

Things to do: Visit the iconic Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, wander through the bustling Night Bazaar, and witness the monks' chanting at Wat Chiang Man.


A place with Buddha statues.

As the former capital of the Kingdom of Siam filled with crumbling ruins immersed in jungle vines and foliage less than 80km from Bangkok, visiting Ayutthaya offers a glimpse into Thailand’s glorious past as a powerful trading empire before the Burmese invaded in 1767 ending the city’s 400-year reign.

Things to do: Explore the ruins of the ancient Siamese capital, Wat Mahathat with its iconic Buddha head, and Wat Chai Watthanaram's majestic prang.

Best Hotels: The Pavilions Ayutthaya, Ayothaya Thani Hotel

Koh Tao

An island on a sea in Thailand.

Encircled by 21 km of sapphire sea and home to Koh Nang Yuan’s iconic three peaks linked by a white sandbar, Koh Tao specializes in scuba diving across colorful coral reefs while those preferring land enjoy jungle hikes to hidden Sairee Beach and nightlife under neon streaks.

Things to do: Learn to scuba dive in crystal-clear waters, spot vibrant marine life on a snorkeling tour, and volunteer at a marine conservation project.

Best Hotels: The Jamahkiri Resort & Spa, The Island Hideaway

Patong Beach

A beach in Thailand.

As Phuket's epicenter of entertainment and nightlife, Patong Beach stretches across a horseshoe bay peppered with resorts, shops, bars, and restaurants that buzz 24/7 illuminated by lanterns as extravagant cabaret revues, Muay Thai fights, seafood BBQs, and beach loungers by day keep everyone happily occupied under sunny blue skies.

Things to do: Relax on the iconic Patong Beach, indulge in thrilling watersports, and experience the vibrant nightlife scene with its bars and clubs.

Bonus Offbeat Places To Visit in Thailand

A national park in Thailand.

Khao Sok National Park: Immerse yourself in the lush rainforest, spot gibbons swinging through the canopy, and trek to hidden waterfalls.

Pai: Discover this bohemian haven with stunning scenery, a vibrant atmosphere, and delicious street food.

An island in Thailand.

Koh Lanta: Escape the crowds on this laid-back island paradise and enjoy pristine beaches, kayaking, and hidden gems.

Hua Hin: Experience the royal charm of this seaside town, visit the Klai Kang Won Palace, and relax on Hua Hin Beach.

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Thailand's diverse tapestry offers something for everyone. Whether you crave the thrill of adventure, the serenity of nature, or the vibrancy of culture, Journey Fiesta is your guide to unlocking the magic of this unforgettable land. So pack your bags, embrace the Land of Smiles, and let your Thai adventure begin!

Remember, this is just a glimpse into the endless possibilities that Thailand holds. Contact Journey Fiesta today and let us tailor a personalized itinerary that matches your dreams and budget. Unforgettable experiences await!


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