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Genting Highlands Tour: All the details you need

A place in malaysia known as Genting Highlands


Genting Highlands, a mountain resort town nestled in the Titiwangsa Mountains of Malaysia, offers a perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life. Known for its cool climate, scenic views, and a plethora of attractions, Genting Highlands is a popular destination for families, friends, and solo travelers seeking a fun-filled day trip from Kuala Lumpur.

One of the main reasons to visit Genting Highlands is the vast array of attractions it has to offer. From the world's first 20th Century Fox World Theme Park to the largest Hard Rock Hotel in the region, there is something for everyone.

How To Reach Genting Highlands

To reach Genting Highlands, travelers have several convenient options:

  1. By Bus: Go Genting Express Bus operates from various points in Kuala Lumpur at frequent intervals throughout the day and night, with the journey taking about an hour.

  2. Road/Self Drive: Travelers can also reach Genting by car in about one hour on the Karak Highway. An executive taxi from the center of Kuala Lumpur costs between RM 150 and RM 200, while a regular taxi costs around RM 60-RM 70.

  3. From KL Sentral: Most people planning a trip to Genting Highlands choose to depart from KL Sentral, Malaysia's largest transit hub. Buses are available for purchase online or at the ticketing counter at KL Sentral, with departures every other hour. Buses drop passengers off at the Awana Bus Terminal, from where visitors can take a 10-minute cable car ride to the top. The bus ride costs around RM10 one way, and the cable car ride costs RM10 one way

A cable ride near trees and bushes

Which is the best time to visit Genting Highlands?

The best time to visit Genting Highlands is during the dry season between March and September, when the weather is relatively cooler and less humid. This makes the outdoors more comfortable for exploring the scenic views, theme parks, cultural marvels, and shopping paradise that Genting Highlands has to offer.

The weather in Genting Highlands is pleasant all year round, with the temperature varying between 15 degrees Celcius to 28 degrees Celcius, owing to its altitude. However, it is recommended to visit the town between the months of March and September to avoid rainfall, experience the best weather conditions, amazing views, and be able to enjoy all outdoor activities.

A temple like structure in Malaysia

Must Things to do in Genting Highlands

Some must-do activities in Genting Highlands include:

  1. Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park: Enjoy over 20 rides at this indoor theme park located within the First World Plaza Mall. Ticket prices vary, and it's a great place for fun regardless of the weather.

  2. Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park: Explore this exciting theme park with a variety of attractions and rides. Located at Resorts World, Genting SkyWorlds, ticket prices and details can be found on their official website.

  3. Colmar Tropicale: Visit this French-inspired village in Bukit Tinggi, featuring charming architecture, Japanese gardens, and botanical gardens. It provides a unique cultural experience and views.

  4. Ripley's Adventureland: Experience unique attractions like Odditorium, Zombie Outbreak!, and Jurassic Research Centre at this popular site located inside SkyAvenue. Ticket prices and details are available on-site.

  5. Jungle Gym: Enjoy a fun-filled time at the Jungle Gym, offering activities and play areas for kids to explore and have a great time.

  6. Genting Highlands Premium Outlets: Shop for a variety of brands and products at discounted prices, making it a great place for shopping enthusiasts.

These activities offer a diverse range of experiences, from thrilling rides to cultural explorations, ensuring a memorable visit to Genting Highlands. Ticket prices for each activity may vary, so it's recommended to check the respective websites or on-site information for the most up-to-date details.

Best Packages To Genting Highlands

If you're planning a trip to Genting Highlands, Journey Fiesta offers some of the best packages that you can consider.

Whether you're traveling with family or friends, Journey Fiesta has a package that suits your needs. With a focus on providing a hassle-free and enjoyable travel experience, Journey Fiesta ensures that you have a memorable trip to Genting Highlands.

A place in malaysia


Genting Highlands in Malaysia is a captivating destination that promises a blend of natural beauty, thrilling attractions, and a cool mountain climate, making it an ideal escape for travelers seeking adventure and relaxation. Whether you're exploring the theme parks, enjoying local cuisine, or marveling at the scenic views, Genting Highlands offers a memorable experience for all visitors.


Q1. What is Genting Highlands known for?

Ans. Genting Highlands is a cool mountain resort complex in Malaysia. It's famous for its towering casinos, thrilling theme parks like Genting SkyWorlds, a vast array of restaurants offering international cuisines, upscale shopping malls, and stunning panoramic views.

Q2. Which month is best for Genting Highlands?

Ans. The best time to visit Genting Highlands is during the dry season between March and September, when the weather is relatively cooler and less humid.

Q3. How many days are enough for Genting Highlands?

Ans. The ideal duration depends on your interests. If you want to experience the highlights like casinos, theme parks, and a bit of shopping, 2-3 days is sufficient. For a more relaxed stay with exploration of surrounding areas, consider 4-5 days.

Q4. Is Genting Highlands part of Kuala Lumpur?

Ans. No, Genting Highlands is not part of Kuala Lumpur. It's a separate mountain resort complex located in the state of Pahang.

Q5. What is the weather like in Genting Highlands?

Ans. The weather is generally cool and refreshing, with occasional rain showers. Pack layers of clothing for potential temperature variations.

Q6. What currency is used in Genting Highlands?

Ans. The Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) is the official currency. Most establishments accept major credit cards for convenience.

Q7. What language is spoken in Genting Highlands?

Ans. Bahasa Malaysia is the national language, but English is widely spoken in tourist areas.



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