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Kadmat Island | Lakshadweep | India

Pristine beaches, coral reefs, & Ayurveda bliss: Kadmat Island awaits. Dive, kayak, rejuvenate.

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Kadmat Island in Lakshadweep

Kadmat Island

Kadmat, nestled in the Arabian Sea as part of the Lakshadweep Islands, boasts a serene landscape with dimensions of 8 km in length and a width of 550 meters at its broadest point. Positioned 407 km from Kochi (Cochin) at coordinates 11°13' north latitude and 72°48' east longitude, Kadmat stands as one of the largest islands within the Lakshadweep archipelago.

The island offers a picturesque setting with a beautiful shallow lagoon on the west, perfect for a variety of water sports, complemented by a narrower lagoon on the east. The southern tip of Kadmat is adorned with long sandy beaches and sandbanks, creating a captivating environment. Tourist huts, strategically placed amid palm groves and facing the lagoon, provide a delightful opportunity to immerse oneself in the pristine beauty of the ecosystem.

Water enthusiasts can indulge in a range of activities as kayaks, sailing boats, pedal boats, skiing boats, and glass-bottomed boats available for hire. A Water Sports Institute operates on the island, catering to adventure-seeking visitors.

The Marine Wealth Awareness Package invites guests to spend 2-4 days on the island, relishing the abundant natural offerings.

Kadmat has earned acclaim as a premier dive center in India, attracting scuba divers with its diverse marine life, including rays and sharks, and remarkable visibility of 20-50 meters underwater. The island hosts a well-established scuba diving center operated by M/s Lacadives, Mumbai. Notably, Kadmat welcomes non-Indian visitors, adding to its international appeal.

The island's unique charm lies in the marine wealth surrounding it, with expansive lagoons showcasing vibrant corals, reef banks, and unspoiled virgin beaches. Tourist huts strategically placed in palm groves allow visitors to bask in the natural splendor of the ecosystem. The Kadmat Beach Resort offers a comprehensive 6-day Marine Wealth Awareness Program, allowing tourists to engage in water sports like kayaking, yachting, boating, and skiing.

While Kadmat's coral reef systems and ecological uniqueness are acknowledged, tourism activities are carefully managed due to the island's low carrying capacity and the fragility of its ecosystem. Accessibility is also challenging, with limited transport infrastructure in place.

How to reach Kadmat Island?

By Air

Travelers seeking aerial access to Kadmat can hop on an Air India flight from Kochi to Agatti Island, the gateway to the Lakshadweep archipelago. Just remember, upon arrival at Agatti, your island-hopping adventure continues via boat, which conveniently departs on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

By Train

No Connectivity of Rails.

By Road

There are no direct roads to the mainland.

Where is it?

Situated 407 kilometers away from Cochin, the island is positioned at a latitude of 10° North and a longitude of 72° East. Embracing a tropical climate with temperatures ranging from 22 to 30 degrees Celsius, this locale offers a warm and inviting atmosphere year-round. The predominant language spoken in this region is Malayalam, contributing to the rich cultural tapestry of the area. These geographical coordinates, coupled with the temperate climate and linguistic diversity, define the unique and welcoming character of this island destination.

Things to do at Kadmat Island

Kadmat Island in Lakshadweep offers a plethora of activities for visitors seeking a blend of natural beauty and adventure. Here are some things to do on Kadmat Island.

  • Explore the vibrant marine life by engaging in water sports such as kayaking, yachting, boating, and skiing. The crystal-clear waters provide an ideal playground for aquatic enthusiasts.

  • Dive into the depths of the Arabian Sea by experiencing scuba diving at Kadmat. The island is renowned for its scuba diving center, offering an opportunity to witness diverse marine life, including rays and sharks, amidst the vibrant coral reefs.

  • Enjoy the long sandy beaches and sandbanks on the southern tip of the island. Take strolls along the shores, collecting seashells or simply basking in the sun's warmth.

  • Immerse yourself in the island's rich natural bounty by participating in the Marine Wealth Awareness Program. This guided tour allows you to appreciate the diverse ecosystems, colorful corals, and untouched beaches.

  • Opt for a unique perspective of the underwater world through a glass-bottomed boat ride. Witness the marine life and coral formations without getting wet.

When to visit?

October - March is the golden period to visit Kadmat. The skies are clear, the sun paints the island in vibrant hues, and the weather is dry and pleasant. It's perfect for sunbathing on pristine beaches, snorkeling in crystal-clear waters, and indulging in water sports. The average temperature hovers around 25°C to 30°C, making it comfortable for outdoor activities.

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Q1. How do I get to Kadmat Island?

Ans. Kadmat is primarily accessible by ferry from Kochi, Kerala. The journey takes around 14-18 hours. Alternatively, you can fly from Kochi or Bengaluru to Agatti Island, followed by a short ferry ride to Kadmat. Permits are required for all visitors, regardless of nationality.

Q2. What are the best things to do on Kadmat Island?

Ans. Kadmat offers a blend of beach bliss and water adventures. Snorkeling and diving amidst vibrant coral reefs are top draws. Kayaking through turquoise lagoons, relaxing on pristine beaches, and exploring the charming local villages are other popular activities. You can also try deep-sea fishing, boat trips, and even Ayurveda spa treatments.

Q3. Where can I stay on Kadmat Island?

Accommodation options on Kadmat range from luxurious beach resorts to budget-friendly guesthouses. Consider the Kadmat Beach Resort for an upscale experience, or the Kadmat Island Ayurveda Resort for a wellness retreat. Budget-conscious travelers can find comfortable options like the Island Inn or the Beach View Guest House.

Q4. Is Kadmat Island expensive to visit?

Ans. Compared to some other Indian destinations, Kadmat can be slightly pricier due to its remoteness and limited accessibility. However, you can find budget-friendly options for accommodation, food, and activities. Choosing the shoulder seasons or monsoon months can also help cut down on costs.

Q5. What is the best time to visit Kadmat Island?

Ans. The ideal time depends on your preferences. October to March boasts sunny skies and perfect beach weather. April-May and September-October offer shoulder season deals with fewer crowds. June- September is the monsoon season, which can be dramatic but less ideal for water activities.



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