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Kalpeni Island | Lakshadweep | India

Kalpeni Island is a tropical gem, renowned for its stunning landscape, vibrant lagoons, and diverse water activities.

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Kalpeni Island in Lakshadweep.

About Kalpeni Island

Kalpeni, a captivating island in Lakshadweep, boasts a unique charm. Spanning 2800 m in length and 1200 m in width, it offers a picturesque stroll across its entirety. Renowned for its tuna, Kalpeni features a lighthouse with three flashes covering an impressive 33.33 km in 20 seconds. The island, reminiscent of the Maldives, showcases a 'blue lagoon' with the largest lagoons in Lakshadweep.

Shallow waters invite various water sports, and the Sait Moinuddin mosque beckons exploration. Kalpeni's atoll, including Tilakkam, Pitti, and the uninhabited Cheriyam, reveals a unique storm bank of coral debris along its eastern and southeastern shores, a testament to a violent 1847 storm. The island, socially progressive, witnessed pioneering girls' education. Enjoy swimming, snorkeling, reef-walking, and water sports in the vast lagoon, part of the Coral Reef package.

How to reach Kalpeni Island

By Air

The closest airport is on Agatti Island, reachable in 15 minutes by helicopter or 3 hours by vessel.

By Train

No Connectivity of Rails.

By Road

There are no direct roads to the mainland.

Where is it?

Situated 287 km from Cochin, Kalpeni, with a tropical climate ranging from 25 to 35 degrees Celsius, offers a serene locale. Positioned at a latitude of 10° North and longitude of 73° East, the island embraces the Malayalam language, creating a unique cultural blend in this tropical paradise.

Things to do at Kalpeni Island

Kalpeni Island, with its captivating landscape and vibrant marine life, offers an array of activities for visitors.

  • Covering a mere 2800 m in length and 1200 m in width, Kalpeni allows for delightful strolls where you can absorb the island's natural beauty.

  • Kalpeni boasts a lighthouse providing breathtaking views. The three white flashes covering 33.33 km in 20 seconds create a mesmerizing sight.

  • Dive into the shallow, clear lagoons for thrilling water sports. The largest lagoons among Lakshadweep islands make it ideal for kayaking, snorkeling, and pedal boating.

  • Witness the unique remains of coral debris along the eastern and southeastern shorelines, a result of a historic storm in 1847.

  • Visit the Sait Moinuddin mosque and delve into the island's socially progressive history.

  • Enjoy the pristine Koomel Beach with bathing huts, change rooms, and opportunities for swimming and reef-walking.

Kalpeni Island ensures a mix of adventure, culture, and natural wonders for an unforgettable experience.

When to visit?

The best time to visit Kalpeni Island is during the months from October to March. During this period, the weather is pleasant, and the sea is calm, providing ideal conditions for water activities and exploration of the stunning coral reefs. It is recommended to avoid the monsoon season from May to September when rough seas can limit outdoor activities.

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Q1. Is Kalpeni Island suitable for budget travelers?

Ans. Yes, Kalpeni offers budget-friendly accommodations and various affordable water sports activities.

Q2. What are the top water sports available in Kalpeni?

Ans. Kalpeni offers a range of water sports, including snorkeling, swimming, reef-walking, kayaking, and pedal boating.

Q3. How can I reach Kalpeni Island from Cochin?

Ans. The nearest airport is Agatti Island, and from there, it takes approximately 15 minutes by helicopter or 3 hours by vessel to reach Kalpeni.

Q4. Are there cultural attractions to explore on Kalpeni Island?

Ans. Yes, Kalpeni has the Sait Moinuddin mosque, and visitors can also witness the remains of coral debris along the shorelines.

Q5. What is unique about Kalpeni's lagoons for water activities?

Ans. Kalpeni boasts the largest lagoons among all the Lakshadweep islands, offering shallow and clear waters for diverse water sports and activities.



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