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Kochi to Dubai Cruise: All You Need To Know

Kochi to Dubai Cruise: Sail the Arabian Sea for less! Explore our guide for route, duration, cost & more.

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A cruise on a sea


The Kochi to Dubai cruise is a revolutionary addition to India's maritime tourism landscape. Embarking from the picturesque shores of Kerala, the journey culminates in the vibrant energy of Dubai.

This unique offering caters to both leisure and business travelers, providing a convenient and budget-friendly alternative to air travel.

Kerala's enchanting backwaters and Dubai's dazzling skyline, sailing across the Arabian Sea on a pioneering new cruise. The Kochi to Dubai cruise is no longer a dream; it's an exciting reality waiting to be experienced.

Let this comprehensive guide be your compass, navigating the key details and igniting your wanderlust for this groundbreaking voyage.

The Cruise Route

The journey begins in Beypore, a charming town nestled on Kerala's Malabar Coast. Imagine the aroma of spices wafting through the air as you board the ship, anticipation building for the adventure ahead.

From here, the cruise sets sail, offering mesmerizing coastal views as you bid farewell to the emerald landscapes of Kerala.

Next stop, Kochi! This vibrant port city welcomes you with its rich history, colonial architecture, and bustling spice markets. Take a few hours to explore its cultural treasures, wander through Mattancherry, or bargain for spices in the aromatic heart of the city.

After soaking in Kochi's charm, reboard the ship, feeling the excitement as it charts its course towards the iconic skyline of Dubai.

A kochi to dubai cruise on a sea

The Journey Duration

Get ready for an exciting 3-day voyage! The Kochi to Dubai cruise provides ample time to unwind, explore the ship's amenities, and create lasting memories. Whether you seek relaxation or adventure, the journey promises to be an unforgettable experience.

Exploring the Cruise Cost

Luxury doesn't always have to come at a premium. One-way tickets start at an attractive ₹10,000 - ₹15,000, making this cruise a significantly more affordable option compared to airfares, especially during peak seasons. Imagine the savings you can use to explore more of Dubai's wonders!

Discovering Passenger Capacity

Worried about feeling cramped? Worry not! The cruise ship boasts a capacity of 1,250 passengers, ensuring a comfortable and spacious environment for everyone. Modern design and cutting-edge technology prioritize smooth sailing and enjoyable experiences. Imagine spacious cabins, elegant public areas, and attentive service – the perfect setting for relaxation and exploration.

Luggage Allowance Explained

Forget the stress of baggage restrictions! Unlike air travel, this cruise allows you to bring up to 200 kg of luggage – a game-changer for long-term travelers and those relocating with bulky items. Pack your essentials, bring souvenirs from Kochi, and embark on your adventure without limitations.

Why Go on A Cruise: Making the Wise Choice

While air travel whisks you away quickly, the Kochi to Dubai cruise offers a unique advantage: time. Immerse yourself in the journey, soak in the sea views, and enjoy onboard activities. This relaxed pace contrasts with the fast-paced nature of air travel, making it ideal for those seeking a more holistic travel experience.

Unveiling the Latest Cruise Updates

Stay tuned for more exciting developments! The Kochi to Dubai cruise is a work in progress, and updates are expected regarding additional amenities, entertainment options, and potential route enhancements.

Exciting Plans Ahead

The future holds immense promise for this pioneering cruise service. Plans are underway to expand the route, offering more ports of call and diverse experiences. Be part of the adventure and witness the evolution of this groundbreaking maritime venture.

Journey Fiesta: Your Trusted Travel Companion

At Journey Fiesta, we're your one-stop shop for crafting your dream Kochi to Dubai cruise experience. We provide personalized recommendations, handle all logistics, and ensure a seamless journey. Explore our curated packages and let us take care of everything, so you can focus on making memories.

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1. When will the cruise start operating?

While an official launch date hasn't been announced, the project is actively under development. Stay tuned to Journey Fiesta's website and social media pages for the latest updates!

2. What are the departure dates and ports of call?

Currently, the cruise operates a direct route from Beypore (near Kozhikode) to Dubai. Plans include expanding the route to incorporate additional ports of call, like Vizhinjam, offering more diverse experiences.

3. Are meals included in the ticket price?

Yes! Most cruise packages include meals at onboard restaurants, ensuring a variety of delicious options throughout your journey. Specific details regarding meal plans and inclusions will be available closer to the launch date.

4. What activities are available onboard the ship?

The ship will offer a range of activities to keep you entertained, including swimming pools, live music, movie screenings, fitness classes, and casino facilities. Specific details about available activities will be confirmed closer to the launch.

5. Do I need a visa to travel on the cruise?

Visa requirements depend on your nationality and intended duration of stay in Dubai. We recommend checking the official Dubai visa website for the latest information and applying well in advance of your travel date.

6. How can I book my cruise with Journey Fiesta?

Once the official launch date is announced, Journey Fiesta will offer curated cruise packages tailored to different budgets and preferences. You can contact our travel experts or visit our website for personalized recommendations and booking assistance.



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